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    Demolition Depot Demolition Services - Melbourne's preferred demolition company

    Are you looking for a demolition contractor who gets the job done the first time? Demolition Depot – Demolition Melbourne is one of the top demolition companies in Melbourne and is certified, insured and has been the go-to demolition service in Melbourne. We’ve been hired by some of the largest builders in the state for several projects.

    Demolition is a science of its own and Demolition Depot – Demolition Melbourne has perfected this. We have been providing affordable demolition services for years in the Melbourne Metro Area and we’ve always exceeded the expectations of contractors, property and building owners. Our highly trained team has over 15 years of experience in structural demolitions and have worked on several projects from residential properties to larger commercial and industrial demolitions. Compared to other demolition companies in Melbourne, we have dealt with some of the most challenging demolition projects in the metro area and each job has taught us something new! We welcome any demolition project – No job is too big or too small for Demolition Depot.

    Our experience in this industry has taught us that every client is different and that every client has specific needs and requirements when it comes to demolishing their property. That’s why our plans are specifically tailored for you and at an affordable cost. We know how complex a demolition is, but we’ve been doing it so long, so we are always happy to give you or your builder advice and we more than welcome questions about your project. As a part of the demolition process, we also organise tree removal, asbestos removal and clear the site of any waste or debris.

    We have established a name for ourselves as being one of the most trusted and preferred demolition company in Melbourne. We know the importance of completing projects on time without compromising quality and this fuels our reputation. Demolition Depot has always operated on a strict environmental policy to avoid demolition waste going to landfill where possible and is now more than ever committed to remove, recover and recycle demolished building material and debris.

    Being one of the most leading demolition companies in Melbourne, we ensure that our demolitions are safe, and we try to minimize inconvenience to your next-door neighbour.

    Our Demolition Process

    • We start with an inspection of the site. We pay attention to every detail and we will examine not only your site but surrounding areas to ensure every surrounding object around the site is safe and unaffected during the demolition process.
    • A quote is then drawn, and we get the paperwork ready before starting the demolition.
    • Power and plumbing will be safely disconnected by professionals
    • We then organise the necessary permits, safely remove asbestos if found on the site and begin demolition at an agreed time and date.
    • Site will be cleaned from all debris and rubbish after the demolition

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    Why Demolition Depot?

    Years of experience in the demolition business

    Demolition Depot has been successfully operating for over 15 years in the demolition industry. Our company has completed more than 2500 demolitions in Melbourne metro area and the surrounding suburbs in the lifetime of the business.

    Customer satisfaction is our first priority

    As an Australian owned and operated family business, we pride ourselves on always providing the best possible service to our clients.

    How much does a house demolition cost?

    Just like with the other demolition companies in Melbourne, we’re always asked about demolition costs which really depends on these factors:

    1. Building size: Demolishing a single storey residential building will be a lot cheaper than bringing down a double storey house. Generally speaking; larger the size of the property, higher the demolition costs. The same goes for commercial buildings. Demolition costs are usually charged per square meter of the property.
    2. Removal of foundations: Knocking down the foundation of your house will incur more charges than just demolishing the house.
    3. Site accessibility: If the site is easily accessible, you can expect demolishing costs to be a bit cheaper than tight access job sites. Tight access job sites make it more difficult for us to transport our demolition equipment and vehicles and later dispose debris from the site.
    4. Asbestos removal: Older homes have a greater possibility of the presence of asbestos which was widely used in construction during those times. Asbestos is considered a health hazard and must need special attention, extra labour, safety equipment and treatment. Asbestos removal could incur additional charges.
    5. Type of building material: The material used to build the house will affect the demolition cost. For e.g.: asbestos clad houses require special removal prior to demolition compared to brick and weatherboard houses which are cheaper to demolish.
    1. Additional requirements: If you have other structures that needs to come down such as a backyard shed, there will be additional costs. Tree removals on your site will also affect the cost of your demolition.

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