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    Demolition Depot is committed to protecting the quality and diversity of our environment. We continually strive to improve our performance in this regard, recognising our obligations both locally and globally, and to the present and succeeding generations.  Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is our minimum standard.

    100% Recycle


    Demolition Depot recognises that the house demolition industry contributes approx 43 percent to environmental landfill.  By recognising this, our priority and commitment is to avoid demolition waste going to landfill where possible.

    This means we are constantly working to our greatest potential, to find better ways to reuse materials and to  increase the amount of materials recycled.

    Part of our efforts include reducing the environmental impacts associated with transport, by purchasing new equipment (which means minimising greenhouse emissions), and regularly servicing of our trucks and equipment to run at their most efficient.

    We have always been committed to seeking new ways to implement environmentally sound waste management practices, and we will continue seek outand investigate alternative methods of performing those services.

    When more environmentally sound methods are identified, we move promptly to adopt these practices, in line with resources available.


    We have always educated our employees regarding environmental responsibilities and ensure they are motivated to implement our programs.  We will also encourage our employees to generate new ideas for environmental protection to achieve our primary goals of effective compliance in waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


    We conduct all our activities, including contracting with other business entities, in a resource-efficient manner. We are very selective in our choice of products, processes and services.